Dataset Version

These version notes are for the current version of CLUE. For past versions, see here.


This dataset contains reference profiles of perturbagens.

Total number of signatures = 250,479

Gene over-expression21602160216017982159216021592160216021601800
Gene knock-down37993799354436193659240733393301364736163160

Knock-down/Over-expression gene breakdown

Genes with KD (shrna) and OE (cDNA): 2111

Genes with KD (shrna): 3799

Genes with OE (cDNA): 2160

PCLs: 171


Current Version

Data version 1.0

Touchstone-P is a library of proteomic signatures that serves as a reference database. Data version 1.0 contains {3,396} total samples, spanning {90} small-molecule perturbations and {6} cell lines in {2} mass spectrometry-based assays (P100 and GCP).

Tool version 1.7.1

Please see the Proteomics Signature Pipeline Github page to access the tools used to compute similarities and connectivities. This system of versioning aligns with the tag/release system on Github. Now using cmapPy 3.2.


Current Version

The Cell App is a library of cell lines that serves as a reference database. The current Version includes 2,705 cell lines and their annotations.