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CLUE Platform

Recent technological improvements have resulted in a dramatic increase in high-dimensional perturbational datasets available to the biomedical community. However, the enormity of the data and the complexity of integrating across multiple assays, multiple cell types, and experimental conditions of dose and treatment time requires users to have considerable computational expertise to ask questions of the data.

Built for researchers

Biologists need intuitive and performant user-interfaces to explore and query the dataset to evaluate hypotheses. Even for computational researchers, the huge scale of the dataset requires wasted effort downloading and formatting the data, and is sometimes a barrier to their engagement with the data at all.

To address these needs, we have developed a computational environment built from the ground up to execute on state-of-the-art cloud-based systems. This environment, which we call CLUE, is built to meet the following goals:

  • Lower the barrier to access by making data and tools available on the cloud, thereby 1) eliminating the need to download massive files and 2) allowing users to stay in sync with the latest data releases
  • Facilitate interoperability between perturbational data types by harmonizing datasets
  • Implement web applications with user friendly graphical user interfaces that access underlying sophisticated algorithms

Availability and use

While CLUE is still early in its growth phase, it is functional now, and has already been loaded with over 1M gene expression profiles, related perturbational datasets, analytical tools, and web-based applications. These data and tools are freely available to academic users. Recognizing that drug-discovery companies will want to leverage this work for their proprietary research programs while still maintaining confidentiality of their proprietary data, we also offer CLUE as a subscription. See details at subscribe.